Buddhist: Expanding Architecture

Architecture facilitates the spread of spiritual and physical influence in Buddhism. Various sites around the world unite in a holy center.

Mythopoetry Can Solve Population Decline

Japan’s shrinking population problem can be solved with bold humanism in our environment, a return to classic principles, principles which tend to rile the modern progressives in “advanced” societies.

Brazil’s Nightclub Blaze

Design mistakes that led to this deadly fire

Beauty From Poverty: Haraz

Yemen’s rough history and ongoing struggles create beautiful architecture.

Clothing And Ancient Israel’s Temple

Clothing worn by priests in the ancient Hebrew temple was part of an over-all architecture that engaged strict functions.

Innovations of Ancient Rome

Architectural advances that made Rome great

What To Know Before Getting A Mortgage

Understand how mortgages work and who is involved

9 Ways To Make Buildings Better

Simple tips that will make any building a better place to be

Architecture In The Digital World

What you see on a computer screen affects you in the same way buildings do. Like buildings, computer programs create the environment in which we exist.


Death & Life
of the
American City
of Architecture

Ugliest Buildings In Germany

Some of the worst buildings around Germany

Design Method From Genesis Creation

Creation stories provide a framework for design. The question is not how the universe came to be, but how the universe leads to design.

Meaning Of The Tornado In Wizard of Oz

The author of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz was a Theosophist. He inserted secret symbols that had architectural meanings.

Ugliest Buildings In England

Introduction To ‘Vitruvius Teutsch’

Tiny Homes Are A Bad Idea

Will Architecture Save The Movie Theater Industry?

Architecture can give people a reason to once again go to a movie theater.



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